Our Company

For more than 45 years, Propco has been involved in marine engineering, propeller design and boat manufacturing. During this time, Propco has actively promoted safer and better boating through several marine industry organizations. At Propco, we are dedicated to setting higher standards for the marine industry and increasing customer satisfaction.

Over the years, Propco propellers have satisfied some very noteworthy customers.

  • Propco propellers were chosen for exclusive use in the World Master Ski Tournament.
  • Propco built OEM Propellers for, OMC, Johnson & Evinrude.
  • While in Australia in the 1970s Propco sold propellers to Mercury Marine-Australia
  • The Coast Guard and the Department of Defense use and recommend Propco propellers.
  • Propco owner and president Peter Dean used Propco propellers in becoming 7-time 100 c.i. National Outboard Champion and 9-time Class I Offshore National Champion.

Propco have designed and patented unique performance propellers, including the renowned Quad-R-Jet High Performance Propeller and the ultra-manouverable Reverse Hook Cup Propeller for houseboats, pontoon boats, barges and workboats.

The Propco Posi Drive Cushion Hub

Propco Cushion Hub

Most modern gearshift motors are subject to shock during shifting. To help prevent breakage, engine makers provide their propellers with built-in-shock-absorbing cushions in the hub. When Propco engineers make Propco replacement propellers, they work closely with manufacturers to meet - and often surpass - original equipment standards. When you purchase a Propco propeller, you not only get the leading propeller on the market, you also get virtually unbreakable cushion hubs and the strongest in the industry.

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