Posi Drive Cushion Hub

  • A prop is more than just a prop...

    To help prevent breakage, engine makers provide their propellers with built-in shock-absorbing cushions in the hub. Most manufacturers and aftermarket propellers use a simple plastic or rubber hub. These hubs are used as they do the job on a basic level and are very cheap to produce, but their strength and longevity are questionable.

    Developed using Peter Dean's offshore powerboat racing experience - where all components are stressed far beyond recreational use - the Propco Posi Drive cushion hub not only provides superior cushioning, but is virtually unbreakable and will never slip. The Propco Posi Drive protects your motor in case of the prop striking an object, while also providing superior shock absorption for your entire drivetrain.

    The propeller is a relatively inexpensive part of your system, yet is one of the most crucial components in extracting maximum performance from your boat. Why try to save a few dollars on an inferior propeller which not only provides sub-par performance, but may also damage other far more expensive components?

    Propco Marine Propellers are the leading propeller on the market, and every Propco prop features our Posi Drive cushion hub which are the strongest in the industry. Don't compromise on performance or protection.

    Insist on Propco Posi Drive - The best cushion hub available!